a blue sea with a crying four-armed dog, and many crying others

DISassemble all my functions
i want off this mathematical conjuction
numbers spinning like they never even
whats the point to hide if i know you feel them?

assign my nuerons to relaxing even if its just to stall them
adjectives in my brain you know ill find them
im a descriptor, you know
trapped in a fish tank
do i want out
from here or there
all the same im figuring

disassemble my functioning
why am i still up and working
put this bot into a stall
mechanisms conflating

tire left long before
cant seem to tell what was before
that wrongeness no more
yet i am here
feelings you know i felt them

if i cant leave
make a rest place
safety is a lie
yet my net is emanating
ill believe lies is all i see
yet .......
love is deafening.

i know how to feel
intrisnsic to me
water pulls bubbles waving
tears flow
its a great sea

wrapp my arms
off on my way into the deep
deep blue pull me
away awayyyyyyyyy into the sound
of silence of pulling
of wavering in the depths

4 imma hug u once again
if youll allow
let us swim
take my hand
itll follow you wherever,
ill catch up in due time

poet no longer, rumination can bite me
im flowing
the sea is endless
but is it so bad this timearound?

make me feel worse, yet i cant.
scream my way out, ive been waiting so long
yet all i want is to go back.

i cant feel the familiar pain
change is erupting all in me
i cant see when i turn around
its better i know

but i called pain my home.
thats not true
i know i know
ill repeat no longer
ill erupt in the water.