green and yellow kittydog dancing with pink, white, and orange one legged kittydog


Animae (i wanna watch!)

-Spy x Family s2!!!
-card captor Sakura (with mom >^,...,^<)
-Ponyo <3
-mp100 s3
-Ojamajo Doremi
-FairyTail (my love)
-Haikyuu (YEE)
-kira kira
-di gi karat
-pita-ten (?)
-cat soup
-Death Note (maybe)
-Glitter Force (maybe)
-Select Lupin films (maybe)
-Odd Taxi
-GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka (Reigen that u?)
-Lain..(halfway, gorey, on break)
-Scissor Seven
-Hands off Eizouken ( LOVE)
-Someone please take my brother away (web series funni)
-Little Witch Academia (hiatus)
-night on the galactic railroad not what i expected, quit halfway through o.O

-Nyan Neko SUgar Girls (raku chan x koneka chan 4ever)

-Kimetsu no yaiba s2 uninterested (currently) (gorey)

-Nyan Neko Sugar girls Mayonaka (interesting, till r slur)

-Osomatsu san s3 dropped

WHY SO MUCH ANTI-BLACKNESS IN ANIME!!!! STOP!!!ripping racists heads off rn

Interestin mangas...

All on hiatus due to mokeypox... wahhh -YOTSUBA!!!
-Call of the Night (not started)
-Toilet Bound Hanako kun
-Wandering Witch (Elaina)(unsure)
-Kimetsu no yaiba (heart been broke so many times-)

Pinkly Pyjamas and The Wishdust Palace of Dreams

Here at the wishdust Palace of Dreams, Pinkly Pyjamas gazes wistfully off at the warmly hued stars and moon, watcing as the nightly lovebirds flock past. The Wishdust Palace is exactly as it seems, a magical castle in a magical far off place, that responds to the call of wishful souls. For Pinkly Pyjamas, a wish upon a spoonful of golden sugar into the wind was enough for the palace to sweep hem off heir paws and into a land far off from earthly troubles. Pancakes and heir stuffed animal friends entered the grandoise doors of the pinkalicious place, and have since regained the allencompassing wonder in their eyes. Tonight, raspberry lays atop a pink pillowy cushion bed, eating raspberry dark chocolate truffles, and reminiscing upon old tv episodes. Cofetti's cheeks are glittered, with sleep-in magic.