When stars align, Our hearts Collide! ♡

Forming cosmic clouds, I hope to meet you in a future life.

A moodboard and collection of some of my favorite pictures of Ichimatsu.

Update August 2022: I dont even even watch dis show anymore 🤩but this page is chefs kiss so im keeping it, into archive it goes!!!
This here is my cozy lil ichi page. a web shrine? im not sure. I do know im havin fun makin this spot for this silly dude i have a crush on tho hehe 😸 The music player has a playlist of songs that remind me of him, so if ya wanna leave this page open n just listen, go ahead. i associate cat with joji, atlas/Luna, owl city, purple, Tohru, sleep, dark green, cozyness, garfield, and of course, PUSSSY cats XD

purple pucca pagedoll